Daycare & Training

At Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare, we offer a state of the art daycare service. It's a great place for your dog to socialise, bond with other dogs, release that built up energy and have fun.

Various activities take place at daycare on a daily basis that include playtime, recall practice, agility course competitions, treat finding games and ball chasing. 

Your pup will arrive with bundles of energy and will leave exhausted and wanted their bed.    

Dog Training: In addition to having a state of the art doggie daycare facility, we also have an indoor and outdoor training area to facilitate 1-to-1 classes. 

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Daycare is the ideal setting for your dog to socialise with various breeds of adorable pooches. If your dog has never been in a daycare environment before, that's not a problem. For all new additions to our daycare, we hold a 2 hour assessment to assess your dogs behaviour towards other dogs and our staff.

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Play Time

In addition to our daycare service, we also offer 1-to-1 dog training and behaviourist consultations both online and at our unit in Punchestown.

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Dog Accessories

We have a retail section at our reception desk. This has now been moved online to help keep everyone safe during these tough times. If you have any special requests for items that you find difficult to source, please let us know and we will do our best to source them for you.

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Coat Brushing

Your pooch is coming to daycare to be treated like royalty. To complete this experience, they will go home with a freshly brushed coat and a spray of our puppy perfume.

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Dog Walking

Your dog will be walked for at least 1 hour per day at daycare. When the weather is on our side, this would be increased to a 2 hour walk.

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Canine Training

Give your pooch that extra bit of attention with some home / online dog training classes, thought by our highly experienced IMDT accredited dog trainer.

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Confidence building

Many dogs can suffer from low confidence which in turn can make them reactive. Daycare provides the environment for your dog to socialise and gain that confidence.

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Insta Famous

During your dogs stay in daycare, plenty of pictures will be taken with owners permission and will be uploaded to our website and Instagram.

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Online Pet Store

As well as having a great daycare service, we also have an online pet store that will supply you with on the affordable doggie accessories. 

If there is something you wish to buy but we haven't got it available, please ask and we will source it for you.

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Image 100 Satisfaction rate from our doggie owners.

Image 100 Satisfaction rate from all of the doggies in daycare.

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Our Team


Gareth possesses a careful and professional approach to training. If you are looking to address such issues as leash pulling, nipping, toilet training anxiety with other dogs and aggressive behaviour towards males, Gareth is the right fit for you. Gareth is also part of the Daycare team so he has

Dog Trainer


Andy is the owner and main operator of Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare. He treats all dogs that come into his daycare as if they were his own. Plenty of cuddles, healthy treats, coat brushings and walkies. Your doggies are in great hands with Andy.


CEO, Manager


Helen is our experienced dog trainer. She has experiences in some of the most extreme cases and has also addressed some of the more day to day issue such as lead walking, barking at the door, unwanted jumping and so on. Helen believes in the ‘simplicity of consistency’ approach to

Dog Trainer

Our Testimonial


“My German Shepherd had so much fun today in doggie day care. She got to mix and play with the other dogs there and had plenty of kisses and cuddles from the staff. She was in her element. I also got a lovely update and photo of how she was