Please fill in the below questionnaire. In doing so, it will provide our staff with all of the relevant and necessary information we require to take care of your dog(s) to the best of our ability.

Assessments last for a total of 2 hours. The cost is €28 which must be paid by card / cash on the day. The assessment will consist of a gradual lead introduction to other dogs in our care. While doing this, we will be looking out for signs of anxiety, aggression, stress, nerves and more. Once we feel that your dog is comfortable after the first stage of meet and greet, we will introduce more dogs to your dog(s). All going well, we will then let your dog off their lead to become accustomed to environment & set up in their own way while maintaining a close eye on interactions.

To gain a good assessment and understanding of your dogs needs, we require a 2 hour window for this assessment. Owners are advised to present fro the initial 15 – 20 minutes as this period of time is to allow for the initial meet & greet. For the remainder of the assessment, we request the owners aren’t present as dogs can act very differently when their owners are present.

Prior to this, we will require proof of up to date vaccinations including KC (kennel cough) before confirmation of booking. This will be requested upon initial interaction via WhatsApp.