Dog Training

Looking after your dog is of utmost importance to our staff at Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare Ltd. Please fill out the form below in as much details as possible. Please also remember to keep your dog on a lead and harness at all times unless otherwise instructed by the staff.

Training classes can be held in various locations: 1) Daycare [after 6:30pm during the week}, 2) Your home [Social distancing and cleanliness will be adhered to at all times], 3) Daycare during the weekend.

Our trainer, Helen, is highly experienced in many aspects of dog training. If you have any questions during the lessons, please feel free to ask her.

Prior to enquiring / booking a session / sessions with our trainer, please complete the questionnaire below in as much detail as possible to allow for a better understanding of the issue(s) you are looking to address.

Please note: Once the application form is completed, it will be sent to our dog trainer for review. She will then reach out to you to arrange a date and time for lesson(s).