Private Obedience Classes

These private classes are ideal for both young and old dogs. If there is a specific issue that you wish to address, our highly knowledgable dog trainer, Peigí, will be more than happy to provide the most up to date guidance, setting up your dog for the best and brightest future.

Private Training packages are the perfect opportunity to have all family members together during training. If everybody is on the same page, the positive results are endless.

Examples of dog training and behaviour topics that we can help you with:

  • Recall
  • Jumping
  • Clicker Training
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Lead pulling
  • ‘Sit’ command
  • ‘Leave’ command
  • ‘Wait’ command
  • Manners & obedience
  • House / toilet training
  • Unwanted / destructive behaviour
  • Play biting
  • Persistent & excessive barking habits
  • New addition to the family
  • Expectant Parents
  • Separation anxiety

Our trainer, Peigí, is highly experienced in many aspects of dog training. If you have any questions during the lessons, please feel free to ask her. 

Prior to enquiring, please complete the questionnaire that will be provided once you complete the booking for the class. Please answer in as much detail as possible to allow for a better understanding of the issue(s) and behaviours you are looking to address.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, a list of available times for the selected day will be provided via email within the next 3-4 business days.

Please note: Once the application form is completed, it will be sent to our dog trainer for review.

All of our course attendees will be emailed class notes 3-4 business days after their session in order to assist and provide additional guidance with their training at home.

We use only scientific and welfare-friendly methods of training at Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare. If you’ve any questions regarding the training provided, please contact our team on 0851549166.

Please note: Prior to the commencement of the Private Obedience classes, if your dog has a tendency to react to strangers, please have your dog wear a comfortable muzzle and harness until your dog settles into the lessons & becomes more comfortable with their new surroundings.

What you need to bring along to class:

All we ask is that you bring along your dog along with their regular collar/harness and lead. Please note, we do not allow the use of slip leads, choke chains etc.

We will provide any equipment needed plus lots of yummy treats. If your dog has special dietary needs please do bring along a portion of their food. We ask that you do not feed your dog for at least 2 hours before class is due to start. This will result in your dog being more food motivated during the class. 

What do you get for your money:

You will receive a complete 60 minute private lesson. In this lesson, you will be provided with the tools you require to make a success of the lessons going forward. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion along with a special rosette. Finally, you’ll also receive a personalised detailed lesson plan 3-4 working days after the lesson. This will be sent to your email address that you’ve provided in the Canine Obedience questionnaire we provide after purchasing the lesson slot.

Course Date:

March 25th (Saturday)


Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare Ltd, Mylsertown, Two Mile House, Co Kildare, W91FK02

If you have any concerns, please call us on – 0851549166

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NOTE: It is the participant’s responsibility to attend classes. We cannot transfer unused classes to another time.

The classes are non-refundable due to limited availability.

Covid-19 Protocol

Please click on the link Covid-19 Protocol to view the full Covid-19 Protocol for Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare & Training classes.

Thank you.