Cuddly Cavaliers!

The Noble Snugglers!


If you happened to catch our new promo video for our Home Visit service, you may have spotted our main fluffy star, a very handsome Cavalier King Charles. A real bundle of playful joy and energy, these little dogs are absolute dreams!


Their easygoing attitude and playfulness are typical of the breed, which are known for being ideal companions for all lifestyles. They are extremely affectionate, with great tolerance. Any changes to their home life or environment is usually met with indifference or curiosity, as they are very resilient and adapt well to changes.


Cavaliers have an affable personality and get on with other dogs of all sizes and breeds. They also tend to get on well with cats!


Their bouncy and snuggly nature means they are excellent with children, and they are happy chasing a ball or investigating their environment as well as delighting in cuddles in your lap.


The Cavaliers gentle nature makes them perfect candidates for the elderly and for medical patients. They make wonderful therapy dogs too!


Cavaliers are called so because of King Charles II who was so enamoured with his “toy Spaniels” that he would frequently miss court, preferring hunting with his beloved dogs to performing his royal duties, resulting in the dogs being named for him, and indeed gaining him an amazing nickname- The Cavalier King!


The breed was only officially recognised by the Kennel Club in 1995, but they first truly came to the foreground in the 18th century, when the 1st Duke of Marlborough, John Churchill, kept small red and white toy spaniel-type dogs for hunting. Although they had existed long before this, it was Churchill’s love of the breed that cemented them a favourite of the upper class.


Churchill’s estate was named the Blanheim Estate, after his victory at the Battle of Blanheim. Due to this, the red and white coloured variety became known as the Blanheim in honour of him.


There are four recognised colours in the breed, each with a nickname.


There is the aforementioned Blanheim which are red/chestnut on a white base coat. The Ruby has a coat that is completely chestnut in colour, although some white on the chest may be found.
The Prince Charles is used to describe the beautiful tricolour variety, a mix of black, tan and white, and last but certainly not least, we have the stunning King Charles, the name given to the variety that has deep black and rich tan in their coat.


So although they are all colloquially known as King Charles, the breed itself is actually called the Cavalier, and the “name” corresponds to the colour of the dog!


One heartwarming urban legend about the Blanheim variety is the story behind the “Blanheim Kiss” or the “Blanheim Spot.”
Also known as the “Duchess Thumbprint”, the legend goes that Duchess Churchill was awaiting news of her husband’s safe return from the Battle of Blanheim.
To comfort herself, she stroked and petted her pregnant dog’s head. Shortly after her husband returned victorious, her dog gave birth to five puppies, all sporting the lucky mark on their heads!


Cavaliers aren’t just the dog of choice for the elite, they are hugely popular among prominent actors and singers too, such as Sylvester Stallone, Tom Selleck, Frank Sinatra and royalty such as Princess Margaret and even Queen Victoria!


With such a rich history and such an amazing personality, it’s no wonder these little pups are so popular!


Рby Peigí Conneff


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