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Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare is the most exciting, safe and enjoyable daycare for your fluffy four legged friends where they can socialise, gain confidence, build those unbreakable friendships and so much more.

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More About Our Doggie Daycare

At Daycare, we offer many services such as a friendly, safe and loving daycare, a collection and drop off service covering the Naas area, a spa treatment area that focuses on the paws, eyes and ears of the daycare goers, and a reception area stocked with everything you need for your dog from healthy dog food brands such as Gain Elite, Burns & Hills Science Plan dry kibble and wet food, more exciting toys, balls and healthy treats than your dog can handle. We also stock various hygiene and grooming products, all at very affordable prices.

To ensure that our Daycare is the best place for your dog, our Daycare team have many years of experience, working and volunteering with local pet charities, a devoted love for all dog breeds and the ability to treat your dog as our own with an unconditional and highly dedicated level of love and adoration.

At Daycare, we focus on ensuring that your dog is 100% comfortable, well treated and fed a healthy amount of their lunch that is brought in by mom or dad in the morning, that the dogs are socializing to the best of their ability and in the safest way possible while at the same time learning and following basic commands that are thought on site on a daily basis.

Upon collection time, we are known for our customer service and time given to allow for informative chats with owners, ensuring that every owner is well informed as to how their dog got on in daycare that day, providing wellness, nutritional and obedience advice where requested.

  1. All new additions to daycare (male & female) must be neutered / spayed if over the age 12 months of age or if medically exempt.
  2. If you wish for our team to feed your dog at daycare, the food and bowl must be clearly labelled. This is too avid any confusion with meals as there are some dogs with specific dietary requirements.
  3. All property such as leads must be labelled clearly. This is of utmost importance.
  4. All dog owners should understand that their dog will be mixing with other dogs and that playing with other dogs may result in marks, bruises, nicks etc.
  5. You also understand that your dog may become dirty as a result of playing with other dogs. The daycare team will do their best to maintain a clean coat.
  6. In the event of your dog becoming ill, you will be notified immediately and will be advised to come and collect your dog.
  7. If your dog(s) are unwell in anyway, our team must be informed prior to arrival so that we can determine whether we accept them on the day.  This includes a range of illnesses from diarrhea to more serious health issues such as viral infections & seizures.
  8. You are aware of the late collection fee (€5 for every 15 mins you are late after 6:15pm). This does not apply if you have given our team sufficient notice (at least 60 minutes notice). 
  9. If you book an assessment and cannot make that time, the time can be rescheduled. If you miss your rescheduled appointment, a manditory payment of €30 will be required to cover the assessment slot.
  10. If you do not show for any appointment without 24 hours notice, you must pay the original fee (daily fee).
  11. All dog owners that are running late must inform our staff at Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare Ltd with atleast 30 minutes notice.
  12. You agree to give prior notice to our staff if someone else is collecting your dog.
  13. You agree to contact our staff by call/text/e-mail to book in / cancel your dog for day care before 6:00pm on the day prior to the appointment. Please do not show up the following morning without having notified the daycare the previous evening via WhatsApp message to 0851549166.
  14. You agree to keep your dog on the lead whilst entering and leaving the Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare Ltd building and parking area.
  15. You agree that you understand that all dogs are not suitable for day care and that every new arrival is subject to an assessment day to evaluate their behaviour towards other dogs in our care.
  16. If your dog passes the assessment, a ‘3 strike’ system will be put in place. This gives your dog 3 chances to improve their behaviour.
  17. If their behaviour has been deemed unacceptable, a constant line of communication will be used between our staff & owners.
  18. We will inform you if your dog has settled in or is not comfortable in day care and can no longer come.
  19. You confirm that you have made our staff aware of any behavioural issues and / or any special requirements of your dog.
  20. All dogs that attend the daycare, must have a harness with them on the day of booking. This is for your dogs safety and ours. 

Service Info:

Daycare Hours
7:30am - 6.45pm Mon to Fri
Drop off time: 7:30am - 10am sharp
Collection by 6.45pm sharp
Late collection fees apply.
Chauffeur Collection & Drop Off Service covering the Naas area.
Spa treatment service also available for
Daycare Customers only.
Home Boarding Service
Our staff care for your dog(s) in the comfort of their own home while you're away.
We do accept dogs (1 dog only) into our own home pending a successful meet and greet. Contact us here for more information on accurate prices.
Estimate price range can be found on this page.
Email our team with your dates and we will get back to you with a full quote.

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