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Welcome to our Home Visits service, designed to pamper your furry friends in the comfort of their own home. Discover our range of offerings included in this service, including dog walking, coat care, cuddle time and more. Your pets deserve the best, and we're here to provide it!

What's included:

Areas Covered By Day

Home Visits FAQ's

To book in this 60 minute service, please email our Daycare team clicking on the ‘Email our team’ button above. Please address any queries to Andy (owner & manager) as he is the organiser of this service.

The cost is €25 per 60 minute visit.

Not initially, but this could be arranged on a case by case basis. Pricing can be discussed. 

Cancellation the day before. If you cancel the morning of, there’ll be a 50% charge.

Yes. If you cancel the morning of (after 6pm the day before) there’ll be a 50% charge.

The owner would need to provide a key for entry. This can be arranged in private with our team no later than 3 days before the booking. 

Yes. We would required the pet / home owner to sign an agreement with Fluffy Paws Doggie Daycare. This will be provided during the booking stage via WhatsApp.

In this agreement, it will state that you have agree to provide access to your property for 60 minutes (when booked in with our team), to hold a key when required and to interact, play with, feed, water and walk your pup. Nothing too serious.

This service is offered 5 days a week (Mon – Fri) depending on location. 

  • Mon & Friday (Dublin areas)
  • Tues – Thurs (Kildare areas)
  1. Time / Date of visit must be agreed by pup / house owner 24 hours prior to visit. This will allow for our team to be rostered on.
  2. Payment must be made over the phone / revolute in order to confirm your booking. A receipt can be provided upon request. 
  3. Bookings to be made 24 hours prior to when you need the service. (Cut off time is 6pm the day before.
  4. Cancellation Policy: if you cancel on the day, there’ll be a 50% cost. This will allow our team to offer the slot to another pet owner. 
  5. If your pup suffers from anxiety, aggression etc, our team must be notified of this. This will assist in our assessment of your pup, resulting in the correct style of care and appropriate approach given during our visit. 
  6. During our 60 minute visit, our team will use mentally stimulating snuffle mats, Kongs etc. If you would like our team to use your pups equipment, please let us know so our team can correctly prepare for the visit. These items must be cleaned before our arrival. 
  7. During the walking period, if your pup isn’t the biggest fan of other dogs or needs to be muzzled (by law depending on the breed), please notify our team of this so the proper approach and time can be given. 
  8. If your pup has ANY dietary requirements or allergies, it is your responsibility as the owner to inform our team prior to our visit or via our Home Visit application form.
  9. In order to enter the home (if the owner isn’t there), we would need to arrange for a key to be left at the Daycare with your name + dogs name on it. If you’re not comfortable with this, that’s not a problem. Our team can discuss with the home owner for an alternative location outside of the home. 
  10. If there is a home alarm system, we will discuss appropriate steps -ie. Accurate arrival times so the owner can disarm it remotely upon our teams arrival and set it again once we leave. 

Service Info:

Daycare Hours
7:30am - 6.45pm Mon to Fri
Drop off time: 7:30am - 10am sharp
Collection by 6.45pm sharp
Late collection fees apply.
Chauffeur Collection & Drop Off Service covering the Naas area.
Spa treatment service also available for
Daycare Customers only.
Home Boarding Service
Our staff care for your dog(s) in the comfort of their own home while you're away.
We do accept dogs (1 dog only) into our own home pending a successful meet and greet. Contact us here for more information on accurate prices.
Estimate price range can be found on this page.
Email our team with your dates and we will get back to you with a full quote.

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