Daily Routine

As dogs are constantly learning those vital everyday skills, in our daycare dogs will learn and utilise those essential skills such as canine manners, impulse control, bite inhibition and social skills when in the various playgroups and when interacting with our staff and volunteers.

All dogs, young and old, big and small and various breeds can benefit from dog play and interaction. However, every breed requires different levels and styles of interaction. In our daycare, dogs are always supervised by our staff and volunteers and paired up in appropriate groups based on size, temperament and play-style.

However,  it is important to note, daycare is not the right environment for every dog. Some find large groups of dogs in an indoor setting very stressful, too loud or simply just too busy. Some enjoy it for a short time but then grow out of it.

Please do not be insulted if your dog does not pass our assessment. Your dog’s welfare is our main priority, so if your dog is uncomfortable in this environment we will recommend you find alternative care for your dog (i.e dog walker / home sitter).

Our daily routine:

⏰ 7.45am-9.00am: Drop off to daycare

⏰ 9.00am – 11:30am: Play, Fun & Games and agility course practice

⏰ 11:30am – 12:30pm: Nap time. Our staff will play canine specific relaxation music. Its SUPER relaxing…

⏰ 12:30pm – 1:30pm: Walkies with our volunteers

⏰ 1:30pm – 3:00pm: More fun & games

⏰ 3pm – 4pm: 2nd walkies of the day

⏰ 4pm – 5pm: More & more fun, games and agility practice

⏰ 5pm – 6:30pm: Collection time

*Dogs can be collected at any time of the day

One-to-One Dog training classes also available:

Our IMDT accredited dog trainer Leanne is available to take bookings for one-to-one training sessions that are designed and tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. This can be useful for working on specific behaviours you need help with, such as:

Our ‘Fluffy Paws Dog Training Course’ includes:

  • Manners in the home, incl. over-excitement / jumping / couch cuddlers + scratchers / random in-house barking & more.
  • Recall: and coming back when called
  • Over-Excitement: and/or ‘acting up’ for attention.
  • Toilet Training: Addressing all issues with
  • Lead pulling
  • & More

Cost: €75 (60-minute session, 1-to-1 session)

In the interest of everyones health and safety, these lessons will be held via WhatsApp at the time agreed between the trainer and dog owner.

If you have a specific training issue you would like addressed, please contact us directly. Most problems can be addressed in one – three lessons. Discounts are available for multiple sessions addressing an on-going training issue.