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With winter almost officially over, it’s not unusual for us to make decisions regarding resolutions for the upcoming year. I know my resolution to curb the weight has been less than successful! We’re all guilty of putting on a little weight over the festive season and our pets are no different, with cheeky little bites of cheese, biscuits and the like.


However this can rapidly become a bad habit, not just in terms of teaching our dogs to expect it, but it can also lead to weight gain and dietary issues. Therefore it is extremely important that the treats you choose to give are suitable for your dog’s needs.


There are so many types of treats to choose from, all with their own unique benefits. In this week’s blog, I will be focusing on a staff favourite – Tribal Rewards!


Created by Fatima Maktari, she was dismayed at the lack of natural treats available for her dog who had a serious grain intolerance. With her background in science and natural remedies, she teamed up with Phil, her lead nutritionist, and they created the Tribal brand, treats and food that are as natural as possible and suitable for dogs with dietary issues.


We stock ALL SEVEN options of the Tribal Rewards each with their own health benefits. All of their treats are wheat, grain and gluten free, which makes them perfect for doggies with sensitive tummies.
Just have a look at the benefits of each of the options!


– Coconut, Banana + Peanut Butter.

A staff favourite, taste tested by yours truly! These are deliciously crunchy with a hefty hit of banana and coconut, followed by a smooth hint of peanut butter. These rewards in particular are extremely beneficial for dogs, with coconut boosting the metabolism, aiding in weight loss and weight management, as well as improving coat condition and shine. The banana is packed with potassium and fiber, aiding in digestion and helping with loose tummies.


– Apple, Mint + Ginger.

This type is ideal for doggies who have dodgy tummies or don’t travel well. Ginger is known to help soothe irritated tums, so these are a great treat to have on hand after a car journey or for stressful situations such as when going into kennels. The apple and mint improve coat condition while also helping to freshen breath, so not only are these delicious and nutritious, they’ll have your pup’s breath smelling fab!


– Beef Liver + Tomato.

We know what you’re thinking- Dogs can’t have tomato! Rest assured, they absolutely can! The danger lies in the overfeeding of tomato, or if underripe tomato is given. A cherry tomato or a slice on occasion does no harm. Tomatoes contain excellent antioxidants that promote good health and can aid with digestion due to their fiber content, while the beef liver is packed with iron and essential proteins for gut health.


– Cheese, Carrot + Sunflower Seed.

Although not taste tested by myself, this is one of our best selling options, chock-full of good fatty acids necessary for growth and brain development. The added bonus of this treat is that it has the taste and goodness of cheese without the stinky side effects! This variety is excellent to use when training as it is a great motivator, while the carrots and sunflower seeds provide extra calcium necessary for healthy bones.


– Chicken and Flaxseed.

An ideal choice for dogs with coat and skin issues, this treat is loaded with all of those lovely fats that are so important for healthy skin and hair growth. Chicken is a source of lean protein, allowing energy levels to be boosted without inflating your dog’s calorie intake, helping to prevent weight gain. These are also a good choice for senior dogs as the protein can give them a little bit more energy. Flaxseed is a great addition to your dog’s diet, improving heart health, boosting their immune system and it is also believed to possibly help fight certain cancers!


– Liver and Lavender.

The PERFECT treat for anxious or highly strung dogs! Liver has high levels of protein which can help to settle nervous tummies, while lavender has long been known to have a naturally calming effect on dogs. It also helps to regulate energy levels, soothing them into a more relaxed state. It helps with elevated moods, allowing dogs to settle themselves as they are in a much calmer state of mind. This makes it a good choice for dealing with the likes of Halloween or separation anxiety at bedtime. Simply incorporate it into your routine, giving your dog one of the special lavender treats each night before bed, to assist in a good night’s sleep.


– Tuna + Olive Oil

As we explored in a previous blog, fish and fish oils are an invaluable source of omega 3 fatty acids and excellent proteins. Oils such as fish oil and olive oil can help to ease joint and muscle issues in old age, ensuring your dogs stays limber and loose as they get older. Oils such as these also contribute to a super shiny coat and can even sometimes help with speeding up the shedding process! Olive oil gives an energy hit as well as providing a good boost to the immune system and they are a brilliant help for dogs with dry, itchy or flaky skin.


Although I can only personally vouch for the taste of one of these options, there is something in the range for every dog and their needs. All natural ingredients and being grain-free makes them a great choice for your dog!
Guilt-free goodies! Now, if they only made those for people too…


– by Peigí Conneff


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