Happy Huskies!

The Super Speedy Sledding Singer!


We’ve likely all seen (or at least heard of) Game of Thrones, the fantasy series about dragons, kings, battles and of course, wolves. The direwolves were portrayed by several very large Husky dogs, but how did Huskies go from pulling sleds to becoming stars? Let’s take a look!


Huskies originated in Siberia, originally bred by the Chukchi people, a nomadic tribe who needed a dog that was able to swiftly pull loads long distances across the frozen land. They doubled up as sources of heat and protection, and slept with their owners to maintain heat as they migrated with reindeer herds.


Huskies were originally known as Chukchi or Chuksha dogs but their name was changed to Siberian Husky when they became treasured during the gold rush in Alaska. Once prospectors finished mining, they brought their beloved dogs back home to the US and Canada, increasing their popularity.


You might remember a children’s film called Balto, about a heroic team of Huskies. That is actually a true story! In 1925, in Nome, Alaska, a deadly outbreak of diphtheria was threatening the lives of the residents.


A team of Huskies, led by Balto, delivered a vaccine and essential medication, travelling over 600 miles in less than six days! This incredible journey was known as The Serum Run.
Balto was honoured with a bronze statue for his bravery, and you can visit him in Central Park, New York!


Huskies are truly amazing dogs, they are the only dog that is able to alter their own metabolism in order to use less energy to travel over long distances. They can also use this ability to reduce the amount of food they need to maintain their energy levels!


Huskies are very distinct in appearance, with coats in a range of colours from pure white to blended grey, brown and black. Heterochromia is prevalent in the breed, with some having one blue and one brown eye or even a double coloured iris.


They are famous for “talking” or “singing” as opposed to barking, they are very vocal and are not shy about answering back or voicing their displeasure as many an owner will tell you! They whine, sing, grumble and can even scream or yell. Sometimes they like to sing along with sirens, and God help the neighbours if you have more than one as they like to serenade people in unison!


They usually complain most when they are left alone. They adore company and will go to extreme lengths to find it, often clearing 6 foot high fencing with ease or using their amazing digging skills to otherwise escape. They’re not nicknamed Houdini Hounds for no reason!


They sure are wonderfully happy, howly, hairy hounds!


Written by Peigí Conneff


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