Summer Safety

Staying Cool This Summer!


Despite what Met Éireann may predict, we do actually get hot weather on occasion in Ireland! Which is good news for humans AND doggos as we can plan trips to the beach, hikes or even camping holidays with our fluffy friends!


However, with warm weather comes the risk of overheating, and dogs, with their furry coats, are far more at risk of heatstroke and dehydration when the temperature begins to soar.
With the upcoming predicted August heatwave, it is important that owners be aware of the risks that come with sudden temperature changes. For most dogs, all that’s needed is to ensure they have adequate shade, extra drinking water and if they are a fan of water, a paddling pool to splash around in!


Most breeds enjoy basking or splashing about in rivers, lakes or pools. Pools are an excellent way to keep dogs cool as they can be cleaned efficiently and your dog can be supervised when playing with toys. We recommend using pet-safe branded pool toys such as the ever popular Pool Pal Plushies from All For Paws, as these toys are water-safe. The AFP splash pools are reinforced so no nails can puncture through, reducing the risk of leaving your dog high and dry!


It’s important to always plan ahead for road trips, beach visits and days out too. Never assume that everywhere has water available, or indeed, that the water is automatically safe to drink. It’s no harm to get into the habit of making sure you have a spare 2ltr bottle in the boot of your car, or under a seat out of direct sunlight. If you are planning a hike, a collapsible water bowl or travel water bottle is an essential piece of equipment for your dog!


The Pawise Travel Bottle is very handy to have, simply fill with water and flip the bottle to allow water to flow for your thirsty pup!


Remember that dogs must NEVER be left inside a car, even with the window rolled down, temperatures can very quickly climb to dangerous levels.


There are lots of other ways to keep your pup nice and chill during warm days. You may notice they pick a shady spot to rest under, or some prefer to sprawl out on cool floor tiles. Placing a towel on the ground and spritzing it with water provides a nice cool spot for your fluffy friend to relax.
Dogs with heavy coats such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, Collies, German Shepherds etc, are particularly susceptible to overheating. Some dogs may be groomed or clipped to reduce the weight of their coats and provide some relief in the heat.


Pets must have access to fresh, clean water at all times, and multiple bowls should be provided in the home. Some dogs are reluctant drinkers, and may require a little encouragement.
Older dogs can sometimes be a little fussy and slow to drink, however they are most prone to dehydration. Tempt your dogs by giving them plenty of healthy, hydrating snacks such as chilled cucumber, watermelon (with no rind) as well as cantaloupe melon, strawberries and blueberries. You can also make icy treats for your dogs by spreading the bottom section of an ice cube tray with peanut butter and topping with mashed banana, blitzed blueberries and yoghurt and then freezing.


Always supervise your dog when giving treats. This includes ice cubes, which are a great way to hydrate and can be given for those dogs that are slow to drink as they like the crunchy texture!


Above all, enjoy the sunshine, have fun splashing about and be safe!


Written by Peigí Conneff

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