Gorgeous Golden Doodles

The Dickensian Dog!

We’ve seen their gorgeous curly coats, their cheeky grins and their galloping gait. Their eyes are big and soulful and are absolutely used to their advantage particularly in their eternal quest for tasty nibbles. Even their name is adorable- “Doodles.”

Their wonderful personality and low-maintenance coats have made them explode in popularity in recent years and in popularity votes, have placed in the top three most popular breeds since 2021!

But what is their history? Where did they originate from?

Despite the boom of the breed in the Noughties, they became first well known in Australia and the United States in the 1990s.

Breeders began attempting to breed a dog that had the temperament of a Golden Retriever but wouldn’t require as much coat upkeep or grooming.

They began crossbreeding Goldies and Poodles, believing that the Poodle’s coat would lead to a dog that was perfect for people with allergies.

However despite popular belief, Doodles are actually not considered hypoallergenic, although they are considered very low-shed and CAN be a good choice for those with allergies and respiratory issues.

A Doodle’s coat comes in a range of textures and colours, including hair types that are straight, fleecy, wavy and curly. Colours range from cream, golden, apricot, white and even red or brown, depending on the parent colour.

Another reason breeders latched onto this idea of crossing Goldies and Poodles was to try and combat the sudden demand for Labradoodles. Despite the similar name, the only link the two breeds have is that their parent breed is a Poodle. There is a friendly rivalry between breeders of both dogs.

Even though they are considered a relatively new breed, Doodles were believed to have first been bred back in 1969, by none other than Monica Dickens, the great granddaughter of the renowned author, Charles Dickens.

An interesting fact- names for Doodles are commonly taken from Dickens’s novels, with names such as Marley, Oliver, Barnaby and Dodger proving most popular.

Doodles are incredibly intelligent and have been trained with great success, to be therapy and guide dogs and have even been known to be used for the detection of food allergies such as nuts.

They are very playful and are great with children although they can sometimes struggle to share attention with other dogs and tend to prefer the company of people to that of canine companions.

Their long legs mean they are similar to greyhounds, in that they are prone to sudden frantic bursts of energy (commonly referred to as “Zoomies!”) but are also very affectionate and snuggly. After they run laps around the garden, they are very happy to curl up and cuddle with you. They love their naps too!

Despite the fact that they are instantly recognisable, the breed are not actually acknowledged by the Kennel Club as a designated breed, due to their hybrid status.

Whatever colour or size you have, we love these bouncy dogs, with those big doe eyes that more often than not, can entice us to slip them just one more little treat!

РBy Peigí Conneff


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